Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cottage Nostalgia

I took a shower the other morning and was flooded with silly memories of my family cottage on Lake Erie. Long Beach, Ontario and Tajikistan are a world away but I think I have found an odd common element. The cottage doesn't have a shower, or hot water for that matter, so when we were younger we would go about a week playing on the beach and swimming between hair washings. By the time we washed, our scalps would be gritty with sand and a small beach would be formed from the sand in the sink. Why you may ask was I thinking about this? Well not because I was rolling around in the sandy dirt - really I'm not! I am trying to be a good monkey! The shower water here is of variable quality and the last couple of days it was had a fair amount of sand and silt in it. Enough that by then end of showering we have that gritty head feeling and a rather large sand dune in the bathtub. My flatmate and I have a running debate about whether the water is making us cleaner or dirtier. I think it is a pretty much a draw. I wonder if I took a bath if there'd be enough sand for a sand castle ;)

-A. Monkey