Friday, April 14, 2006

Random THoughts from Munich

Heading back to Tajikistan, we are in the middle of a six hour layover in Munich. I am super tired so I appologize ahead of time if this is rambling incoherency but thought I´d share what is rattling around in my sleepy brain. First I am in an internet kiosk at the airport and am using a german or european keyboard which is basically the same as a US one except for some inexplicable reason the position of the Z and the Y are reversed as are the ´and the #. Not a big deal but it is tripping me up :) Also watching the Producers on the flight over might not have been the best idea as I am now in Germany with the song Springtime for Hitler in my head - seriously my brain is having a total Fawlty Towers moment. Anyway so far the travel has all been very smooth and we are really excited to be headed back to Dushanbe even if the 6 hour flight on Tajik Air is a bit daunting. OK I´VE NOW MANAGED TO TURN ON THE CAPSLOCK AND CAN´T FIGURE OUT HOW TO TURN IT OFF - CLEARLZ A SIGN TO STOP WRITING :)

-A. Monkey