Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Confession, part gizillion and two

In case my Obama Myspace confession wasn't enough to solidly cement my case for nerd of the year. I just took over the management of a Minnesota Fantasy Legislature Team - The Royal Flush. A team just barely out of last place, and recently the subject of an unflattering comparison to the T-Wolves. So my goal is to stay out of last place - ambitious I know. The system based on the various fantasy sports leagues allows managers to "draft" 6 legislators, at least 2 in each party and assigns points for bills filed, heard in committee, passed, etc. Nerd Factor? Incredibly High!!! Although I think the fact that I have been following the commissioner's blog incessantly without a team might be even worse ;)

I have been following a lot of the public safety and social policy bills but I totally ignore all the other committees. So my plan is to use this league as a tool to learn more about the boring stuff and the legislators who love it.

Any draft suggestions?