Thursday, November 02, 2006

So you mean this isn't Atlanta?

We made it safe and sound to Tbilisi. We got in last night (minus Boss's luggage that they assure us will arrive on Saturday). The trip was relatively unremarkable. I think that after Tajikistan it all seems pretty high tech and first world. I do think that the gods (or possible the minneapolis gate agents) have an amusing sense of humor in that I was seated in the back of the plane with about nine million, ok seriously at least eight, children under the age of five. Collectively these children cried, screamed and yelled for the entire duration of the flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam. My slightly ambitious reading didn't happen. Luckily the in-flight movie choices were well stocked in the all important cheesy I would never rent this but I want to see it department.

Our hotel is in the old part of the city which means narrow winding cobbled roads, pastel painted plaster buildings side by side with turretted stone walls. It is lovely and enchanting. We stumbled upon a great restaurant we had been to the last time we were here. The atrium/deck area we were seated in provides a stunning view along the river and actually juts out over it. It feels quite solid but looks completely terrifying from the outside.

Stuffed with walnuts, eggplant and Khatchipuri we found our way back to our hotel and into bed.

-A. Monkey