Friday, February 02, 2007

Sooooo.... What to Do With this Blog???

I initially started writing this blog in an attempt to stay in touch with family and friends while traveling and also to have some kind of record of this crazy journey into saving the world. Lately it seems though that as saving the world has evolved into saving the world one meeting at a time - which is still important and satisfying but doesn't lend easily to blogging. Sooo do I let the blog stay in Eric's Moribund Blog category, do I start writing about my exciting travels from St. Paul to Minneapolis to (wait for it....) St. Paul, or do I do something different with it? (this is a rhetorical question, I am not sure I want to see how many people would vote for activist monkey going quietly into the dying of the light, probably signaled mostly by a deafening silence). I read blogs, a lot, too much, seriously I would have to work at home waaaay less if blogs didn't exist. The ones I read are primarily feminist or political or both and this is what I am probably the most likely to write about (I thought about a blog about motherhood but all I have is a plant and seriously if I exposed my plant cruelty and neglect to the WWW the botany police would be at my door before long). The problem is that there are a million zillion blogs by smart dedicated bloggers so I am not sure if there is a missing voice or if there is, that it is mine... but I guess the reality is that I love this stuff and I am reading about it and talking about it all the damn time anyway so why not. Besides, one positive side of being home more is being able to get more involved in what is going on here both through politics and through my community and with the '08 elections already totally exciting both nationally and specifically here in Minnesota so welcome to the home for my ramblings!

-A. Monkey